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  1. lostnfound
    June 24, 2012 at 9:23 pm | #1

    R u really happy? Or does bitterness at bmc nag at you? No matter what you do? It is your conscience bro. Look around all those bitter hate bmc sites…never able to let go and move on. There is still a place for anyone of them and for you. They still love everyone who ever left and i know cuz im back. Thanks. Sam

    • June 24, 2012 at 9:33 pm | #2


      “They still love everyone who ever left and i know cuz im back.” To that, I can only say, “big deal.” It’s not really that difficult to behave magnanimously toward anyone who comes crawling back, admitting that they’d been wrong the whole time.

      In regards to the conscience, I can say that it bothered me much more when I was with the BMC. Since I left, I’m being who I really am and my conscience seems a lot happier with that.

      I would encourage you, Sam, to not confuse happiness with comfort. They aren’t the same thing.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. January 6, 2013 at 11:29 pm | #3

    Hi Craig, I just read an excerpt from your book “Passing Through: an ex fundamentalist pursuit of personal spirituality”. I have not read it through yet since it seems as if it is really hard to get here in Adelaide, Australia. I apologize for any mistakes made since english is not my first language. I am a colombian international student living in Australia. As I already said, I read the excerpt of your book in Goodreads and I felt so identified with the way you think! I could have just written all of it myself. I come from a fundamentalist christian family too, to be more precised mum is a charismatic christian. She raised by herself 3 children, that is: my brother, sister and myself. I have always liked to read and to learn and I could say I have always felt the need to look for answers and for the truth. This wasn’t something I could be proud of while I was part of the church since I was always seen as a “threat” somebody that definetely needed to slow down and simply accept God’s grace, instead of looking around for something that “I had already found but didn’t want to see it”, You surely know how it goes : Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life (their answer to whoever talks about truth). I felt many times bad, because I just didn’t feel I had found anything. I just couldn’t question things, so if it was truthful, why were people at church so afraid of me searching?. I tried so hard to keep up with every single thing I was taught, to behave as a christian, to meet the standards and feel that God loved me instead of punish me. I got manytimes extremely dissappointed because I honestly though “being a christian” meant higher values or something like that. However I rarely found anybody within the church that actually acted as “Jesus would”. My mum always insisted me to be sorrounded by christian friends, go to christian camps, if ever marry somebody, it HAD to be christian, as a person with “the love of God in their lives are more likely to be faithful” , or at least “the fear of the lord would keep them from doing things that a secular person would easily do”. I actually did believe all of this because at the end dad had not been a believer so I guessed that was the reason why he left us. I dont really know my reasons for believing so much crap to be honest. I guess mum’s way couldn’t be challenged anyway. She was just always “right”. Actually She IS always right (she is still blind). I don’t blame her though, she has a genuine interest, however whatever she thinks and a pastor says about a bible scripture, or whatever interpretation they give to it MUST be accepted; and here it’s when I draw the line. I don’t know if it is just me but right now I feel really disgusted everytime somebody comes to me to try to convert me, or change my mind, or give me a lecture on how to be or act, or just to see people using the name o God so freely to justify unaceptable behaviours. And do not get me wrong I respect those who are genuinely seeking for something meaningful, I just can’t stand the superficiality in the whole system, or the “we possess the absolute truth” attitude. My position right now is something similar to what Einstein once said “I cannot accept any concept based on the authority of the Church. As long as I can remember, I have resented mass indocrination. I do not believe in the fear of life, in the fear of death, in blind faith. I cannot prove to you that there is no personal God, but if I were to speak of him, I would be a liar. I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil. My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking, but by immutable laws”. Just like that if there is something I believe is in the intelligent design behind this universe. as simple yet complicated as that. I still find it hard to be “open minded some times” I have this kind of mental chains that keep my mind from going to far of what I was taught. I dont really know how to explain, However I continue to fight against it. That is the main reason why I decided to take the opportunity to come far away from all those people who try to tie me up to the old dangerous thinking. Now I just want to encourage you to keep on writing, searching for the truth and being yourself. It is not easy to go against what you were indoctrinated, but it is worth it. Hope I can get to read the whole book soon. Take care !

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