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Sweatshoppe Publications Start-up Fund

Donate Here!

Sweatshoppe Publications is a small press publishing house with a goal of offering independent authors a place to showcase their work and make a go of it in a day when the only options are struggling with big-time publishers or fighting as a lone voice among millions.

We estimate that after publishing a very limited number of books, Sweatshoppe will be financially independent. To reach that point, however, we need your help and are asking for $1,000 to make this happen.

Your money has the ability to change the lives of independent authors everywhere. Most indie authors make little or no money from their art. They struggle to make their voices heard. They are often shut out of the big name publishers simply because they don’t have a proven track record. Your donation can help Sweatshoppe Publications turn things around for these authors by giving them a voice, by giving them power, and by allowing their work to shine brighter and reach farther.

Donate Here!

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